Philly Exhibition Information 2024

Thursday May 9, 2024  (4:00 PM to 8:00 PM) 

Philly LRIG Annual Vendor Exhibition 

the Alloy King of Prussia - a DoubleTree by Hilton- Valley Forge

King of Prussia, PA 19406 

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Vendor Exhibition:  4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Novel Technologies Presentations:  5:00 PM to 7:40 PM

Free Food: (4:30-7:00) & Desert (6:00 to 8:00)

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Free food, networking, prizes, many vendors/exhibitors, great talks!

The LRIG Philadelphia Annual Vendor Exhibition is scheduled for Thursday May 9th 20243 and will be held at the Alloy King of Prussia - a DoubleTree by Hilton- Valley Forge from 4:00pm to 8:00 pm. This Technology Exhibition will showcase the latest in laboratory instrumentation, automation, software, reagents and consumables. Free food will be served and the meeting will provide a wonderful networking opportunity for area scientists and engineers to connect and share ideas


A gastronomic delight for the pleasure of our guests



Novel Technology Talks (including PDF's of Presentations)

A break out room will host short (15 min) presentations focusing on new state-of-the art technologies throughout the evening.


Novel Technology Abstracts

LIST of 2024 Exhibiting Vendors and HYPERLINKS


Exhibition Floor Layout

Detailed Vendor Information

Agilent Technologies, Inc

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent's expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena’s liquid handling systems are the perfect solutions for daily pipetting routines. Our benchtop automation devices are used wherever a small and compact pipetting robot is required. The portfolio ranges from dispensers and automatic simultaneous pipettors to laboratory robots. These are tailored to individual applications, throughput, and capacity requirements.


We offer low volume precision liquid dispensing systems (PreciseDrop II and BioRaptr 2), optimally designed to fill microtiter plates (96, 384, 1536, 3456) as standalone or robot-integrated.  The systems have interchangeable tips to optimize the CV for particular volume ranges, angled tips, and special dispense modes to allow splash-free dispensing into PCR plates. We provide microarray production systems and services (using M2 Automation spotters) and analysis (colorimetric and fluorometric array readers).  We also provide label-free binding affinity measurement systems (iRiS Kinetics) and services. Biological profiling of small molecule binding can be done in a single multiplex label-free experiment.

Beckman Coulter

The Life Science Automation group in Beckman Coulter is part of the Discovery business unit focused on advancing the work of scientists and researchers in the life sciences field. The Biomek laboratory automation workstation is a recognized leader in liquid handling solutions for sample preparation. Echo Acoustic liquid handling technology revolutionized compound management, screening and genomics applications by using sound energy to enable highly accurate, fully automated, non-contact dispensing of fluids in nL to µL volumes.

Designed for low-, medium-, and high-throughput applications, these systems can be seamlessly integrated with many analysis systems. In addition to increasing throughput, they also improve the accuracy and precision of assays, and ensure high-quality results, freeing scientists to focus on data analysis and decision-making, rather than on performing time-consuming sample preparation tasks.


Biosero, a member of the BICO group, develops science-centric software and laboratory automation solutions that enable researchers to orchestrate their discoveries at every stage. Biosero’s Green Button Go® Scheduler software and integration services match laboratory automation to science, creating a cohesive technology ecosystem that accelerates operations and increases productivity. Additionally, Green Button Go Orchestrator applications provide an end-to-end laboratory management solution, directing workflows and operations in life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic research. Biosero is passionate about partnering with organizations dedicated to enhancing life by addressing the world’s most significant needs.


BMG LABTECH is a German-based company that focuses exclusively on microplate readers and our technological innovations have made us a leader in the field. Our PHERAstar FSX is the gold standard for all HTS and drug discovery applications with unparalleled speed and sensitivity. We can help you get the best possible data in the most challenging assays, such as FP, TR-FRET and NanoBRET.

Chemspeed Technologies, Inc.

Rooted in science, Chemspeed’s automation platforms, digital solutions and application expertise are used every day in the top R&D and QC labs across the globe. Chemspeed is the leading provider of high throughput and high output research & development and quality control workflow solutions - from single bench-top / standalone automated workstations to fully automated, integrated, partial / entire product development workflows across the entire range of industries and academia. We are scientists at heart - we know what scientists need and we design our systems with this deep understanding at the core of each project.


Curiox Biosystems is committed to enabling accurate biological analysis through automation. Next-generation methods and applications deserve a next-generation approach to preparing samples for analysis. That's why Curiox invented Laminar Wash technology. By focusing on common assay steps where automation is currently underutilized, they've developed innovative technologies that simultaneously improve both workflow productivity and quality. They look forward to ushering in the next generation of innovations.


At Computype, it's our mission to change the way the world tracks critical assets while enabling our customers to gain valuable insights by helping identify and prepare labware with cloud-connected tracking services that allow scientists to focus on science. We're honored to be recognized as a global leader in barcoding, labeling, and closed-loop identification solutions for the healthcare industry. From precision barcodes to cryo-resistant labels, to smart print stations, automation, and label lifecycle management software, Computype provides the customized solutions your lab needs to work smarter. 


Covaris manufactures advanced sample preparation tools based on a unique technology platform. Our goal is to empower customers to make new discoveries, develop new assays and improve bioanalytical results.

DCM Bioservices

At DCM BioServices we know that you want to be a leader in laboratory research, testing and manufacturing. In order to do that, you need your work to continue unimpeded, without the headache and stress of unexpected downtime. The problem is you have laboratory equipment that needs to maintenance, repair, set up or more and you're worried about the costs and how long it will take to get back up and running. We believe that your investment in laboratory automation equipment should last and lighten your workload. Come talk to us about how you can eliminate downtime with DCM BioServices


FORMULATRIX® collaborates with researchers to simplify the preparation and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids by designing solutions without boundaries and bringing novel cutting-edge technology to the life science industry. We supply software and laboratory automation solutions to the top pharmaceutical companies and leading academic research institutions working in a variety of genomics and proteomics applications. Our team works tirelessly to simplify life science workflows to save you time, money, and resources so you can achieve your next breakthrough. We are committed to researchers, their labs, and to the scientific discoveries that will improve the lives of generations to come.

Frontier Scientific / Specs / eMolecules

Frontier Scientific and Specs Compound Handling, leaders in outsourced compound management are now a part of eMolecules, a leader in compound procurement. We expedite research by reducing R&D operational inefficiencies, empowering scientists to focus on high-value work. For 30+ years our clients have trusted us to optimize the access and management of millions of unique research chemicals. We uniquely offer integrated digital chemical procurement platforms and data services alongside global compound reformatting, storage, management, analytical chemistry, and logistics services. Serving top pharma, biotech companies and renowned academics worldwide, we help boost research productivity and deliver operational excellence.

HighRes Biosolutions

HighRes Biosolutions is the leading global laboratory automation company, empowering scientists to create results by connecting instrumentation, software, and data - from anywhere in the world. Our partners achieve unprecedented levels of productivity while continually adapting to dynamic scientific, technological, and organizational structures.

Hudson Robotics

Hudson Robotics is a leader in microplate automation, laboratory robotics, liquid handling and customized software-driven laboratory automation solutions for life-science research. The company provides tools that can be used in areas such as drug discovery, clinical research and pharmaceutical development, including high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics.


INTEGRA is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools and consumables for liquid handling and media preparation. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of laboratory professionals in research, diagnostics, and quality control within the life sciences industry. INTEGRA’s globally recognized products include our EVOLVE manual pipettes, VIAFLO and VOYAGER electronic pipettes, VIAFLO 96/384, MINI 96, ASSIST and ASSIST PLUS, WELLJET reagent dispensers, PIPETBOY serologic pipettors, VACUSAFE and VACUSIP aspiration systems, DOSE IT peristaltic pumps, and lastly our MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET media preparation equipment. Visit to see our full line of innovative products.

JG Finneran

JG Finneran, a leading USA manufacturer, together with Kbiosystems and Porvair Sciences, offer over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, and engineering sample prep consumables and equipment.  Our robust product range includes blowdown evaporators, plate sealers, colony pickers, plate handlers, barcode applicators, microplates and related accessories, including sealing films and cap mats. Offering OEM customer platforms, custom designs, as well as installation. 

Next Advance, Inc.

Need a quick easy way to check the accuracy of your robots? Next Advance, a leading provider of laboratory instruments for the life sciences, has just launched Checkit® Go, a convenient, easy-to-use disposable cartridge that instantly measures the accuracy of automatic liquid handlers. Game-changing technology gets the job done in seconds! Checkit Go fits standard 96 well plate stations and is compatible with all makes of multi-channel pipettes. No additional equipment or training is required. Checkit Recorder analyzes and archives volume data to reduce human error and streamline reporting.

Omega Bio-tek

Omega Bio-tek, founded in 1998, is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified, industry-leading manufacturer of DNA/RNA purification kits for clinical, biotechnology, and genomics research. With a diversified product portfolio for low-throughput to high-throughput purification, Omega Bio-tek kits purify high-quality nucleic acids from a wide variety of samples. Omega Bio-tek’s products and services are used in thousands of universities and research institutes in over 100 countries worldwide.


We make robots for biologists. Our mission is to provide the scientific community with a common platform to easily share protocols and reproduce each other’s results. Our robots automate experiments that would otherwise be done by hand, allowing our community to spend more time pursuing answers to some of the 21st century’s most important questions.

PH Life Sciences, LLC

Contained Air Solutions (CAS) is a global leading manufacturer of standard and custom microbiological safety containment cabinets and enclosures. We contain custom automation platforms ranging from automated liquid handling instruments to fully automated systems. We supply to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, University, Health Care, Government, and Industrial R&D markets. PH Life Sciences, LLC is the exclusive agent for sales and service for all CAS containment solutions for the North American market.


Revvity is a global life science organization dedicated to providing resources to support discovery and development in the life sciences. A particular focus for this meeting will be to present information on how our cell counting and image cytometry solutions can be integrated into robotic work cells to support higher throughput development efforts.


Advances in human wellness depend on the power of precise science. SCIEX empowers our customers to solve the most impactful analytical challenges in quantitation and characterization. With groundbreaking innovation and outstanding reliability and support, SCIEX has been at the forefront of the field for over 50 years. Since the launch of the first-ever commercially successful triple quadrupole in 1981, we continue to develop technologies and solutions that influence life-changing research and outcomes. That’s why thousands of life science experts around the world choose SCIEX to get the answers they can trust. SCIEX is proud to be part of Danaher.


Tecan is a leading global provider of automated liquid handlers and microplate readers & washers. Our systems help people working in clinical diagnostics, basic & translational research, and drug discovery bring their science to life. In under four decades Tecan has grown from a Swiss family business to a brand that is well established on the global stage of life sciences. From pioneering days on a farm to the leading role our business assumes today – empowering research, diagnostics and many applied markets around the world.

Titian Software

Titian Software is the industry leader in providing sample management software for life science applications. Trusted by pharma, biotech, and CRO institutions worldwide, Titian offers software products and consultancy services that improve the supply of samples - small molecules, reagents, DNA, proteins, antibodies, cell lines, blood, serum, tissues - to vital research processes. Titian’s sample management software, Mosaic, improves throughput, response times, cost efficiencies, error rates, and sample conservation, laying the foundation for discovery and laboratory optimization initiatives.

Thomas Scientific

For over 120 years, Thomas Scientific has provided the latest in equipment and supplies to the science community. Thomas Scientific provides individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive portfolio offering a wide selection of product listings at a great deal. More than just a distributor, our experts serve as active consultants for complex scientific workflows. We offer an array of service solutions, including Thomas Inventory Management Solutions (custom VMI solutions), equipment financing, and more.

Thomas Scientific is committed to offering quality laboratory products while catering to the unique needs of the individual customer.