Southeast Chapter

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General Information

The LRIG-SE Chapter covers the states South of Virginia, and East of Mississippi. The chapter is headquartered in the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina. Everyone working with or interested in learning, sharing experience, designing, creating, manufacturing or selling automation technology, including hadware and/or software relevant or involved to laboratory processes is invited to join the LRIG community, participate and enrich the activities of the LRIG community, and the Southeast chapter in particular if they live, work, or interact with residents in the geographical area covered by our chapter.

Our Mission

The LRIG-SE mission is to provide and facilitate instruction and exchange for both self-development and the benefit of the laboratory automation community. To do this, we:

  • Provide physical and virtual meeting places for scientists, engineers and academics interested in furthering their careers and the field of laboratory automation.

  • Facilitate communication among users and providers of laboratory automation.

  • Provide a platform to encourage an open discussion of any automation technologies that can be beneficial to the laboratory automation community.

  • Share current best practices and experiences in the design and implementation of laboratory automation.

  • Encourage members to actively contribute, via the use of web and e-mail based bulletin boards (Discussion Mailing Lists).

  • Evaluate new technologies / instruments and share our findings at regional meetings and with on-line presentations archive.

  • Support and encourage initiatives to enhance education through collaborative laboratory automation programs (like NASA FIRST).

Chapter Officers

Pierre B. Monnet, President

David Smith, Treasurer

Scott Klayner, Webmaster

Bill Loop, Webmaster

Eric Herr, Vendor's coordination

Scott Johnson, Event coordination

Anna Radzicka, Member at large

Christina Stillwell, Member at large

Eric Hall, Member at large