LRIG Global: Admin Website Update

All site information is open to the public with no password required.  However In order to Enter Info in a Table, Upload a File or Post a Webpage you must be signed into the site.

To Sign In:  Just Click the Sign In button of the bottom of the website.   Generally access is restricted to LRIG leadership.  If you require access permissions please contact: Andy Zaayenga, Scott Rehlander or Rodney Bednar

See Bottom of Any Site Page:

You can view the Site Map to see Hierarchical Structure of Website or View the Site List to See Complete Listing of All Site Pages.  Links will open in a new window.  Guidance on updating the site is provided below.

To Enter Information for Areas Specific To A Particular Chapter:

You will Make a Post that will create a Full Webpage.   This will be true for Chapter Announcements, Chapter Event Page Directed at Attendee and a Chapter Event Page Directed at Exhibitors.  You will also need to enter your event in the Common Event page which will include hyperlinks your chapters webpages.
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For Additional Guidance See:  ^Update Web Site Cheat Sheet (Will open in a new Window)

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