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Philly Chapter History

Tony Nardei was the founder of the LRIG Philadelphia Chapter in 2004. Philly LRIG was officially formed at the end of 2005 when the first Board was elected. We became incorporated in 2006 and attained 501c(6) status in 2011. Board positions are held for two years and we are supported by a steering committee of 8-10 members. Over the past seven years the topics for our scientific meetings have included Cell-Based Enabling Technologies, Informatics and Assay Technologies, High Throughput Electrophysiology and Imaging, Drug Discovery in the Academic Setting, the Pennsylvania Life Science Greenhouse Program, and Epigenetics. The 2012 spring Scientific Meeting, Biobanking and CROs in Drug Development, was held at PPD in Wayne, PA and included tours of their facilities. The Technology Exhibitions usually feature presentations focusing on the scientific application of vendor products.