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Spring Exhibition 2016

posted Feb 12, 2016, 2:05 PM by Rodney Bednar   [ updated Apr 25, 2016, 1:45 PM by Scott Rehlander ]

Thursday April 28, 2016  (4:00 PM to 8:30 PM)  
Philly LRIG Spring Vendor Exhibition 
DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia-Valley Forge 
301 West Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA 19406 

See Call for Presentations and Posters Below:

LRIG Philadelphia 2016 Exhibition

April 28th, 2016
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DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia-Valley Forge
301 West Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Free Food, loads of vendors, great speakers and networking. Hope to see you there! Register Now for this free event in King of Prussia PA!

DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia-Valley Forge
301 West Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Attendee check-in begins at 4:00 pm
Exhibition and posters from 4:00 to 7:00 pm
Scientific presentations from 7 to 8:35 pm

Scientific Program:
7:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Scientific presentations

Development and validation of GPCR cell lines and assays for screening
Lisa Minor, Ph.D., President of In Vitro Strategies, LLC.
Screening and diagnostic assays on electronic p-Chips
Ji Li, Ph.D., Sr. Scientist and Team Leader at PharmaSeq, Inc
Identification of KRAS Mutant Selective Inhibitors of Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth Via Parallel Phenotypic High-throughput Screening of Approved Drugs
Shurong Hou, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher at The Scripps Research Institute Molecular Screening Center
FEATURED PRESENTATION: Thermal Stability Assays…Past, Present, and Future
Matthew Todd, Ph.D., Founder at Solutions 

Vendor Presentations

4:15 - 4:30

Rapid Generation of Dose-Response Curves & Enzyme Profiles using Novel Digital Dispensing Technology

Presented by: Tal Murthy, Sr. Field Applications Scientist, Tecan, Inc.

The Tecan D300e Digital Dispenser offers a simple method for generating enzyme profiles, synergy experiments and dose-response curves. Using HP’s Direct Digital Dispensing technology, it provides picoliter to microliter non-contact dispensing of liquids directly into the assay plate, saving time, minimizing consumption of valuable samples and accelerating research. From small molecules in DMSO to biomolecules in surfactant-containing aqueous solutions, this convenient bench-top solution allows rapid delivery of any dose to any well. Requiring almost no set-up time, it uses disposable Dispense heads to minimize dead volumes and virtually eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, offering high quality, low volume dispensing for a wide range of applications.

4:32 - 4:47

Acoustic Dispensing and Bioassays

Presented by: Johanna Mylet, Account Manager, Labcyte, Inc.

From the delivery of compounds in DMSO for high-throughput screening campaigns to profiling patient response in personalized medicine efforts, the precision and accuracy of the Echo Series of Liquid Handlers has led to higher throughput and reduced cost across the spectrum of drug discovery and development.  The any-well-to-any-well acoustic dispensing of compounds, reagents and samples afforded by Echo Liquid Handlers greatly facilitates bioassay development. Additionally, the Echo Liquid Handlers’ ability to dispense in nanoliter volume increments enables effective miniaturization of assays resulting in significant cost savings and minimal expenditure of precious samples.  During this presentation, we will explore how the Echo Liquid Hander can be used for tasks commonly required in bioassay workflows such as cell dispensing, bead dispensing and DOE. We’ll also highlight our Access Workstation which provides a platform to integrate Echo Liquid Handlers and other peripherals to enable fully automated workflows.  The Access Workstation can be utilized to execute multiple assays simultaneously to analyze sample panels in a bridging study or can support a larger PC/PV campaign to analyze many samples in a single assay. The Tempo scheduling software that governs tasks on the Access Workstation is user-friendly and interfaces directly with all compatible versions of Echo® Software Applications. The adoption of acoustic dispensing presents an exciting opportunity for bioassay development and execution.

4:49- 5:04

Live Cell Assay Automation

Presented by: Vram Derohannessian, Sr. Sales Representative, BioTek Instruments, Inc.

To address the need of an assay workstation that is both flexible and affordable, yet providing the means to run live cell assays BioTek has developed the BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator. The BioSpa 8 links BioTek readers together with BioTek liquid handlers for the automation of assay of up to 8 microplates and other labware (slides, flasks, dishes). Real time control and continuous temperature, CO2/O2 and humidity level monitoring; along with lid handling ensure an ideal environment for cell cultures during all experiment stages, with minimal manual intervention. BioSpa’s software, which features text or email notifications, relieves the need for onsite monitoring. The session timelines and environmental reports allows for scrutiny of process and system status. BioSpa 8 automates assay workflows by repeated manipulation and storage of microplates containing live cells or temperature sensitive reagents. Its size is such that it, along with a liquid handler and reader/imager, can be placed inside a conventional 6-foot biosafety cabinet. We will provide results data and assay work flows for several examples of different assays that have been run using the BioSpa.

5:06- 5:21

Hands Off with Hamilton: Highlighting New Automation Technologies for Bioanalysis

Presented by: Michael Mouradian, PhD, Scientific Leader, Drug Discovery, Hamilton Company

As a leader in laboratory automation, Hamilton has met the demand for automation flexibility, throughput scalability, and platform versatility. Regardless of experimental complexity, Hamilton offers vertically integrated platforms with robust software that is easy-to-use. This presentation will focus on Hamilton’s innovative small devices and new liquid class development software to streamline bioanalytical preparation and analysis.

5:23- 5:38

Improve the quality and accuracy of your assays using the next generation of microplate reader, designed just for your lab

Presented by: Mike Cianci, Sr. Field Applications Scientist, Tecan, Inc.

Tecan’s Spark microplate reader empowers you to have complete confidence in your data, no matter the application. Offering greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics applications, its unique modular platform helps your lab remain agile. The Spark delivers a combination of advanced capabilities and exceptional ease-of-use to simplify and streamline your daily workload. For enhanced consistency in your data, the Spark offers an industry-first cooling module, Te-Cool™, to ensure absolute temperature uniformity across one or more of your detection assays. Additional features including lid-lifter, automated bright-field imaging, fusion optics, and integrated environmental controls all combine to make the Spark microplate reader a true workhorse for your lab.

5:40- 5:55
Hidex Sense Microplate Reader

Presented by: Steve Lane, LabLogic Systems, Inc.

The Hidex Sense, shown at the LabLogic Table # 20, is a compact, state of the art, multi-technology microplate reader providing a powerful, yet flexible platform for performing any kind of assay without limitations. The amazingly compact design, makes it ideal for even the smallest laboratory, and allows the unit to be easily adaptable for robotic integration or placement within environmental control chambers. The system software is extremely user friendly – rated ‘Excellent’ on the System Usability Scale (SUS) – and as such, requires minimal training. The software includes a comprehensive library and a variety of data analysis tools, including export of data files into Excel. The uniquely designed Spectrograph for absorbance detection, allows reading of full spectrum in less than a second per well, with ratio analysis possible in just one reading. Temperature control of up to 65C, as well as linear, orbital and double orbital shaking are standard on the system, as well as optional dual-dispensers and atmospheric control.

The Sense Beta Plus version of the reader uniquely combines liquid scintillation counting with all common non-radiometric measurements, such as absorbance and fluorescence, into one very compact unit.

5:57 - 6:12
Robust detection of human tau protein aggregation using HTRF® Technology and the PHERAstar FS

Presented by: James Fossetta, Scientific Consultant for Cisbio (in collaboration with BMG Labtech)

Current trends indicate that increasing numbers of the population worldwide will develop a neurodegenerative disease later in life. Countless research projects all over the world are focused on investigating how the neurodegeneration process starts and by what mechanisms it occurs.   It is the goal of this research to find new entities for disease treatment or even disease prevention.

Cisbio has developed a dispense and read HTRF assay to detect and quantify tau aggregates in brain tissue. Tau is a protein that is important for the strength of the cytoskeleton as it binds to microtubule structures and regulates its composition. Abnormal tau protein leads to a collapse of structures and since tau is present all over the body, collapse of structures can happen in the brain where plaques will develop. This is typical for diseases such as Alzheimer's. It is assumed that the level of a patient's tau protein can be used as an indicator of a neurodegenerative state.

The HTRF assay identifies tau aggregates and can be applied to cell cultures, brain tissues, and recombinant proteins. By using the BMG PHERAstar FS microplate reader, an extraordinarily sensitive, yet fast multi-mode reader for low and high-throughput screening, the assay is specific enough to discriminate tau aggregates between early stages of tau fibril formation and uses only 10ul of sample.

Authors: James D. Fossetta and Delphine Jaga (Cisbio Bioassays), Chris Quinlan and Franka Maurer (BMG Labtech)

Free Food Menu (4:30 to 6:30PM; Dessert 6:30-END):

Our menu for your gastronomic pleasure will include: 
  • Domestic and International Cheese Display. 
  • Marinated Grilled Vegetables.
  • Bowtie Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Sauce.
  • Shrimp Scampi Risotto.
  • Butler Passed Canapés and Hors d’oeuvres including Mini Crab Cakes, Spring Rolls, Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, Beef Satay, Franks in Puff Pastry Jackets and Assorted Flatbreads,
  • Slider Station with Sautéed Sweet Onions, French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries.
  • Grilling Station featuring Petite Filet Mignon, Shrimp and Lemon Thyme Chicken with an assortment of Dipping Sauces.
  • Dessert including Coffee, a variety of Teas and an assortment of Double Tree Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies.

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List of Exhibiting Vendors

Additional Vendor Info


4titude® specializes in the design and manufacture of solutions for life sciences and molecular diagnostics. Since its foundation in 2005, 4titude® continues to develop a range of innovative products for PCR & sequencing, imaging, plate sealing, liquid handling, forensic and NGS sample processing. Strong, steady growth in sales has allowed 4titude® to invest in highest quality manufacturing facilities with ISO 9001 certified processes, UK ISO class 7&8 cleanroom production and most recently ISO13485 certification.

Agilent Technologies

Agilent is committed to providing advanced laboratory solutions that help scientists solve real-world problems such as ensuring the quality of food, water, and air; managing the world’s resources and energy; and developing therapeutics and diagnostics to fight disease.

Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena is a leading provider of high-end instruments and products in the fields of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics. Our complete life science portfolio extends beyond systems for bioanalytical applications to include laboratory management software, services, device-specific consumables and chemistries for nucleic acid purification, qPCR and diagnostics.  Cutting-edge automated high-throughput systems are offered under the world known brand, CyBio Product Line. Analytik Jena is a proud member of the Swiss Endress+Hauser Group.


ArcticWhite offers a family of products for laboratory efforts in high throughput screening, compound storage, ADME, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, high throughput synthesis, targeted compound synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery, PCR, and gene expression. From 24 well to 1536 well plates, pipette tips, dry down stations, instruments for sample management, bar code readers, heat sealers, custom coating for both cell based and enzyme based assays, and the ArctiSeal™ brand of sealing mat closures, ArcticWhite can meet all your needs.

Art Robbins Instruments

ARI designs and manufactures laboratory equipment and consumable products for liquid handling and protein crystallography. ARI will be promoting the Cobra, a nanoliter capable non-contact, high speed reagent dispenser, ideal for PCR Master Mix additions. The Scorpion Screen Builder is a high speed single channel pipettor. This extremely versatile work station can be used to perform anything that you can do with a hand-held pipettor, with the speed, reliability and precision of an automated dispenser


Artel products and services enable laboratories to ensure sample volume data integrity, compliance, and efficiency. The MVS (Multichannel Verification System) allows you to verify accuracy and precision, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of automated liquid handlers and multichannel pipettes.   Artel Liquid Handling Service combines the superior volume measurement capabilities of the MVS with the expertise of an Artel Field Service Technician in your lab, removing liquid handling as a source of error in your processes. The Artel VMS (Volume Measurement System) measures the sample volume present in each microplate well – in-process – for virtually any plate or sample type.

BioNex Solutions

BioNex is a rapidly expanding provider of advanced laboratory automation systems, microplate instrumentation, and OEM diagnostic solutions. Our team of engineers and scientists have decades of experience in drug discovery, molecular biology, and laboratory robotics, bringing leading edge performance and reliability to your operation. Let us transform your workflows today.

BioNex Solutions' quality system is certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.


Biosero addresses the automation requirements of daily tasks in laboratories by providing scientists with products and services for completely automated solutions.  Products include acoustic dispensing, liquid handling, capping/decapping, microplate sealing, barcode scanning, robotic automation, integration and scheduling software – uniquely designed with the highest level of engineering and performance in mind.  Proven products are developed by Biosero and partnering companies based on communication with customers in the life science industry including drug discovery, high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics   Biosero provides prompt, reliable customer support for partnering companies in sales, support and marketing – allowing concentration on the development of ever-improving products.


BioTek® is recognized worldwide for designing and manufacturing high-value, customer driven microplate-based instrumentation used to aid in the advancement of life science research, facilitate the drug discovery process and to enable cost-effective quantification of disease relevant molecules in the clinic.  BioTek’s comprehensive product line includes automated widefield digital microscopy systems, multi-mode and single mode microplate detection systems for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements. BioTek’s liquid handling products include microplate washers, dispensers and pipetting systems. Automated incubators, microplate stackers, powerful data and image analysis software, and myriad accessory options provide the complete solution for laboratories around the world.

BMG Labtech

BMG Labtech provides microplate readers for the HTS and Assay Development marketplace.  The PHERAstar FS is the Flagship multimode reader with dedicated optics and laser for HTRF.  The CLARIOstar is the newest Assay Development reader featuring proprietary LVF monochromators with adjustable bandpasses up to 100 nm.


Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation and cryogenic solutions for multiple markets including semiconductor manufacturing and life sciences. Brooks Life Science Systems is the global leader in automated sample management solutions that ensure cold-chain integrity from room temperature to -190° C. The company provides unparalleled experience in cold chain management that removes risk and uncertainty from your process. Offering the scale, stability, and customer support of a worldwide automation company, Brooks “future proofs” your sample workflow investment and maximizes sample availability. The company’s highly reliable, scalable systems and consumables manage sample chain of custody across a broad range of drug discovery and biostorage applications.  Brooks is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Corning Life Sciences

Come see our new 3D screening technology and our new cell models for transporter and toxicology assays and our bench top label free Epic system!

empBiotech LLC

empBiotech welcomes you to the Spring Philadelphia LRIG Exhibition. See our automation tools designed to automate purification tasks such as desalting, remove free label, buffer exchange, etc. These products include 96/384 well filter bottom plates & a unique 96 column array. Along with SEC matrices, a large variety of other matrices are available. SMART Chromatography™ is an exciting new development, allowing for rapid purification directly from the bioreactor.emp Biotech is a creative, responsive group that look forward to working with you to solve downstream purifications.


For over 40 years in the US and 80 years globally, Festo has been a positive force for manufacturers. Our passion is automation - creating intelligent automation solutions that transform the way people work, the way companies compete. Ultimately, it’s about continuously stimulating progress. Our aim is to help our customers make their products faster, smarter and more precise. Rather than surviving, they can thrive as industry leaders. And when our customers win, we win. We observe and analyze. We inspire.


GRENOVA is an innovative company that is revolutionizing lab consumables through high-quality waste reduction solutions. Our mission is to lower costs in the laboratory industry and reduce biohazard waste in the environment by delivering ground-breaking approaches in dealing with plastic consumables. TipNovusMINI is an automated tip washer for 96 and 384 pipette tips.

Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton Robotics is a leading global manufacturer providing automated liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation technology to the scientific community.  With a focus on innovative design, our products incorporate Hamilton’s patented liquid handling technologies and our product portfolio includes liquid handling platforms, standard application-based solutions, small devices, consumables, and OEM liquid handling solutions.  Known for advancing life science, clinical diagnostics, forensics and biotechnology industries, our products offer reliability, performance, and flexibility.  Ensuring a continuous commitment to quality, Hamilton utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing at production facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland and has earned a global ISO 9001 certification.  Privately held, Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts; and Bonaduz, Switzerland, along with subsidiary offices throughout the world.


INTEGRA is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling and media preparation. We are committed to fulfill the needs of our customers in research, diagnostics and quality control within the life science and medical industry.Our worldwide known products include the VIAFLO Electronic Pipettes, PIPETBOY Serologic Pipettors, VACUSAFE and VACUSIP Aspiration Systems, DOSE IT Peristaltic Pumps, FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burners, MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET Media Preparation Equipment and VIAFILL Reagent Dispensers. Visit to see our new, groundbreaking VIAFLO 96 and 384 Channel Electronic Pipette.


IntelliCyt enables rapid and cost effective screening and profiling of physiologically-relevant model systems using cell and/or bead-based assays. Our easy-to-use hardware, software, and reagent systems are optimized to work together to conserve precious samples, use less reagent, and to minimize time-to-answer to enhance productivity and preserve the biology of interest


Every experiment performed in life sciences, molecular medicine, drug discovery and diagnostic testing involves liquid handling. Labcyte’s award-winning products use acoustic energy to transfer precise amounts of fluids without touching them. This capability significantly improves data quality and reliability, while eliminating or substantially reducing costs associated with pipette tips, reagents and waste disposal. Equally important, it conserves precious samples and enables highly accurate assay miniaturization, dramatically improving productivity. Labcyte products offer cutting-edge solutions for: High throughput and secondary screening, Cell-based and biochemical assays and ADME-Tox, Genomics ‒ Next-Gen sequencing, RT-qPCR and genotyping, Proteomics ‒ Protein/peptide arrays, biomarkers and protein crystallography

LabLogic Systems

LabLogic Systems is a premier instrument and software provider supporting PET/nuclear medicine facilities, pharmaceutical companies, agrochemical research, universities and contract research organisations for over 30 years. Our systems include radio-HPLC, radio-TLC and other quality control instruments which are designed to help streamline operations and meet with demanding compliance requirements. In addition to instruments LabLogic produce a range of specialist applications software such as Laboratory Information Management Systems for ADME studies and PET production. All LabLogic products are backed by an extensive support network providing a comprehensive installation, validation, maintenance and technical support service. The company is ISO 9001 accredited and meets all recognised GLP standards.

Phenix Research Products

Phenix Research Products, founded in 1990, provides unique high-quality products that enhance the functionality and flexibility of highly automated laboratory settings. Our consumable product line is extensive with laboratory robotic tips for most automation pipettors, all varieties of microplates, reservoirs, sealing solutions. Available lab instrumentation includes everything from plate readers and dispensers to heat sealers and labeling systems. We also provide many of the products for a lab’s general needs. Phenix has committed the resources necessary to ensure that laboratory automation and robotics products are delivered on time and with the quality and consistency required by these demanding applications.


Seahorse Microplates

Serving the life sciences industry since 1984, Seahorse Microplates, a part of Agilent Technologies, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality microplates for biological research and drug discovery. Customers include academic and government institutions and pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, as well as OEM manufacturers of assay kits and lab instruments suppliers. Our fabrication facility is an RNase/DNase-free clean room environment, certified ISO 9001:2008 and includes: design, mold fabrication, injection molding, assembly, testing, and quality control. Seahorse Microplates is a U.S. company headquartered in Billerica, MA, with production facilities in Chicopee, MA.


Tecan is a leading global provider of automated laboratory instruments and solutions. Our systems and components help people working in clinical diagnostics, basic and translational research and drug discovery bring their science to life. In particular, we develop, produce, market and support automated workflow solutions that empower laboratories to achieve more.

Titian Software

Founded in 1999, Titian Software specializes in sample management, offering software products and consultancy services to improve the efficiency, throughput and integrity of sample libraries. Its industry-renowned Mosaic™ software optimizes the storage, processing, tracking, and ordering of diverse sample types, including compounds, biologicals and reagents. The Mosaic product suite can be a solution for single or multi-site organizations and is the preferred sample management system for many of the top bio-pharma companies. With increasing worldwide demand, Titian Software has presence in Europe, the United States and the Far East to provide its customers with local expertise and support.

TTP Labtech, Inc.

TTP Labtech is a world leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation, consumables and reagents for life science applications, with renowned engineering and application support and customer service. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for high-throughput compound and biologics screening (ameon® with FLT Flexyte reagents, acumen® Cellista, mirrorball® with sol-R multiplexed beads), flexible sample management from ambient to -800C (comPOUND®, arktic®, lab2lab), and miniaturised liquid handling for applications such as NGS, high-throughput screening and MALDI-TOF (mosquito®, dragonfly®).