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LRIG New England 2017 Fall Seminars and Exhibition - Exhibitor Info

posted Dec 2, 2014, 11:37 PM by Rodney Bednar   [ updated Aug 2, 2017, 7:11 AM by Scott Rehlander ]

LRIG New England Fall Seminars and Exhibition 2017 - Exhibitor Info

October 2, 2017 2pm-7pm - Boston Marriott Cambridge

Registration Options




 Gold Sponsorship

2 end cap position tables and a premier time slot in our workshop program, promotions in marketing material


 Silver Sponsorship

2 end cap position tables, promotions in marketing material


 Table Top with Electricity

1 6 foot table with electricity


 Table Top without Electricity

1 6 foot table without electricity    



A time slot for a workshop


Contact ASAP if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.  Sponsorships are extremely limited and distributed on a first come first served.


Please use the following link to register: Eventbrite Registration Page

Please ensure that all individuals attending this event for your company register individually ( order to have a ticket generated for their attendance.

LRIG New England 2017 Fall Seminars and Exhibition

Our LRIG New England 2017 Fall Seminars and Exhibition is scheduled for October 2, 2017 and will be held at the Boston Marriott Cambridge (Two Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway, Cambridge, MA) from 2pm to 7pm.  This meeting will be our only exhibition and will offer multiple marketing opportunities to exhibit and interact with your customers including:

Sponsorship Position

Table Top Displays

Exhibitor  Workshops

We are continuing with our successful exhibitor workshops for this event.  If you are interested in exhibiting or hosting an Exhibitor Workshop, please follow the instructions on this page to register.

All payments must be received by the LRIG-NE before September 2, 2017.  Any exhibitor who has registered but has not paid for their event will be notified and have 1 day to arrange payment before being dropped from the event.  Only fully paid participants will be permitted to exhibit at this event.


Sponsorship Positions

We are offering Sponsorship positions again this year.  The Gold Sponsorship includes 2 End cap Position tables just as you walk into the ballroom, and a premier time in our workshop space program.  The cost for this would be $2200.  Our Silver Sponsorship includes 2 End cap Positions but no workshop slot.  The cost for this would be $1900.  Please contact if you have any questions about this opportunity.  This is a first come-first serve opportunity.  Payment must be received by September 2, 2017 or the position will be removed and offered to the next available person on the waiting list.


Table Top Displays

There will be 70 table top display spaces available for this event, which will run from 2:00 to 7:00pm. All equipment will have to come to the event either through the hotel lobby or can be shipped to the hotel.  If you have questions or concerns about this please contact

The cost for a 6 foot table without power is $750.  Electric power, including power for computers, is an additional $100. All power will be provided using the supplied power drop from the hotel. No direct connections will be permitted. If you are found to be using hotel power without paying you will agree to pay $100.

Please contact with questions on registration.



We are offering eight 30 minute timeslots for our Exhibitor Workshops, which will run from 3:30 to 6:00pm. The fee for each 30 minute time slot is $300.  Payment must be received by the LRIG before September 2, 2017.  The topics of the Exhibitor Workshop are at the exhibitor's discretion and a title must be provided to the LRIG no later than September 2, 2017 to be included in our program. The LRIG will promote the event in our mailers to our membership. 

We strongly encourage participating exhibitors to promote their time slot and are welcome to invite individuals, whom they feel might benefit from this event.  The greatest workshop successes have been observed by participants promoting their event.

Please contact with questions regarding the workshop.



To register this event, you register at the Eventbrite Page.      

Payment Options:

    • A payment processing fee will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
    • If you wish to avoid the additional payment processing fee, please pay by check.

Exhibitors who have registered and not paid by September 2, 2017 will not be permitted to exhibit at this event.


Checks should be made out to LRIG New England and mailed to;

LRIG-NE Treasurer

Gregory Wendel, Ph.D.

111 Dutton Rd.

Sudbury, MA 01776

Please direct any registration inquiries to Scott Reeves at  


Additional Event Information:

·         Please ensure that all individuals attending this event for your company register individually ( order to have a ticket generated for their attendance.

·         Wireless service is provided by the hotel.  If you need to have wireless service please contact the front desk on the day of the event to pay for the wireless service directly.  The LIRG-New England does not cover nor provide wireless service for this event.

·         Parking for this event is not covered by the LRIG-New England.  Parking opportunities are available at various locations including with the hotel though spots are sometimes limited at the Boston Cambridge Marriott.




Door Prizes

The LRIG is open to accepting prizes which will be raffled off as a door prize.  We will place these items on the main registration table and raffle them off periodically throughout the event. This is a great way to get your company noticed.

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